Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Majlis bacaan Ratib Al Haddad- 1 Januari 2011

Sekadar Manyampaikan amanah.

Dengan hormat takzim, tuan-tuan yang mulia dijemput ke majlis bacaan Ratib Al Haddad pada Hari Sabtu 1 Januari 2011, di Baitul Qurra

Bermula pada jam Majlis ini akan dihadiri oleh Habib dari Hadramaut.

Sila sampaikan undangan ini kepada para muslimeen serta muslimat.
Semoga semua dapat menghadiri untuk memeriahkan majlis ini serta mencari keredhaan Allah.



pearls said...

Assalamualaikum WR WB,

I was wondering if there is tahiz program available for grils at BQ? If not where can i find one in that area? Also i was wondering how young is too young to do hifz, does BQ accept little boys for their tahfiz program?

I appreciate this blog, it has given me a good intoduction to BQ. JAzakallahukhair.

Salamz from Australia...

Baitul Qurra' Wal 'Ilmi said...


Jazakallah for your question. As of the moment, BQ are not taking any female students but,
currently BQ is going under some major renovation and construction works (i shall update you with photos soon)for future plans of extension . Regarding your inquiries, i will extend it to Ustaz Zul of Baitul Qurra and will forward you his reponse.

pearls said...

Thank you, i appreciate your correspondence. Hope to hear from you soon...

Just on another point, i have arranged accomodation for my family at Pantai Puteri, which i hope n belive is not too far from BQ, is this correct?
We plan to make a trip to visit BQ in the near future, Bizdnillah...

I have been trying to give my children the most in Quranic reading Lessons, despite our isolation from any scholarly nasihat, but now i need to extend their islamic studies with more scholarly guidance hence the intention to make hijrah...

Any guidance and direction will be greatly appreciated...


Baitul Qurra' Wal 'Ilmi said...


I m really sorry for the late reply. And to be honest i havent got a chance to extend your questions to Ustaz Zul.

The renovation works are almost complete and Ustaz Zul plan to conduct a Maulid sometime in march once all works are completed.

Pantai puteri is close by , probably about 10-15mins drive the most depending on traffic. You can refer to the first post in this blog, it shows the map to Baitul qurra.